A powerfull insight could came from anywhere

Hi! I´m back here. Sorry I wasn´t sharing my thoughts lately. There´s a pandemic that´s making my day a little diffrent.

So, because I love to write thinking about my clients and the clients of my mates, I´m gonna share a little experience.

I´m allways talking about the users needs. Some times we have a big budget (rarely) and we apply a lot of tools like users surveys, focus groups, users tests, etc.

Some others, we receive valuable insights from more simple sources.

So, I’m gonna tell one about the simple sources.

We are working in an ecommerce strategy of Poxipol Store and a had a little chat with the guy in charge of answering the questions from Mercado Libre (one of the strategy touchpoints) and he told me about a question that al most every user do a lot . “How do I glue this and that” Well, there’s the insight. That built the core of our home page. A bigger search bar (with the right story telling) where the users can ask and get a simple and usefull answer about how to glue this and that.

Well, that easy. We are currently developing that major impruvement based on an insight born of a chit chat.

I mean, this is not rocket science. Some times you just got to listen right.