Always start with a need

I want to make a quick post about a theme that´s happening to me very often. A lot of stakeholders came with objetives like “Let’s do something technological”, “I need a mobile app”, “something modern”, “we should use a 360 picture with smell like flowers” and so on. In every cases, they propose technology as a starting point. I want to place special emphasis on this: Technology solves problems, so we must first talk about the problem. It should never be the other way around.

UX is the discipline dedicated to making technology easier. To achive that we use a basic formula that I´ll limit (a lot) to this: We empathize with the need, we investigate on the need, we define next steps, we ideate solutions, we implement, we iterate.
Technology comes to the scheme in “we ideate solutions” part, not before.

This is the complete magic formula.

We need to sell a medical product for elder people.
The right way to think about the solution:
Suppose from research it emerged that the most important pain point for users is the contraindications of the drug and the price. Well, probably an effective way to sell it is by developing a system in which case the user can type their medications and the system answer them the contraindications. In the case of the price, we simply chose a bigger and outstanding font. (It’s just a simple example. I didn’t had a long brain storming in this case)

The wrong way: “Let’s use virtual reality and show the world that we are the most innovative company”.
Problem: Elder people are not the closest population to VR. They will probably reject it.

It seems easy, this is not rocket science, but it happens very often. Let’s think about the user first and everything else becomes easier.

I need to wright this down: Doc Emmet Brown designed the time machine as a result of a need: Explore the time. Not the other way around.