Why I love to shop in department stores?

During this uncertain time, we are facing the digital revolution in countries like Argentina, where this is like a whole new world. I work, live and buy Argentina everyday.  And I´m seeing a lot of missed opportunities regarding the users needs.

Let me tell you what looks like a huge opportunity to me. There’s a lot of new online buyers. In fact: the online sales growth of april 2020 in Argentina was 82% YoY. Dude!

Ok, we’re facing an ocean of users avid for solving infinite type of needs. I know a guy who buyed pizza online and a car. Same week.

What we are seeing from User Experience is there´s a lot of ways to improve those new experiences to take this COVID thing like an opportunity. Please, help the users make their life easier!

Think for a second in the users and design a proper experience. I beg you. Let them take simple decisions and get your product.

– I´m waiting for the department store link 
– Fair enough.

This is what I love from big department stores. There is where I can go around the products as much as I want. Then, I can take my own size, pick a color or two. Maybe give back some of those. Then pay and go. Happy and easy.

What am I seeing in Argentina today? 

– Please, text me your size. 

– I´m not sure, I think I´m M size.

– Great, I have this and those and that.

– Great, I would like the green one. 

– I´m sorry honey. I got it, but red only.

– Ok, I´ll take red.

– Awesome, can you give me your email? I need to send you a pay link.

– letmebuyeasy@please.com

– Ok, in 48 hours, when your pay is confirmed, I’ll send your tee.

Great success. We are building some kind of a buddhist bulletproof new users.
This is happening in WhatsApp Everyday

Not easy ways to buy, no cross seling, no easy ways to make a change, no post selling service, I mean…a lot of missed oportunities.

So, please. Create a nice users experience. Let them take an easy way to get your product. Encourage them to go back and make the world a better place. A place where the brands don’t sell their shit through WhatsApp.