I´ve been leading a great team in the challenge of redesign ARSAT‘s website. Our first challenge was to find some guide or crystal clear need. Let me tell you that  wasn’t easy. Another agency was working on the project for 3 or 4 months and couldn’t find any success.

The first insight came to us by chance in one of the thousand stakeholders meeting. A new (This is the reason why she made that valuable mistake) employee of the communication section made a mistake.

She told me “Hi Mariano, let me tell you that. In argentina.gob.ar there’s N problem on the home page” That was all. That let us found a problem. We are not the owners of argentina.gob.ar but we are a part of that media system….and we should let the users know that. My hypothesis? The users don’t recognize us as a part of that system, therefore don’t trust us as we need.

This is a happy ending.

We ran a research to test the hypothesis. Only 13% of the users picked the older web when we ask them to select websites from the Argentina´s government system in a bunch of options. Also 72% answered don’t know which is the core activity of the company. And 54% didn’t know that Argentina government own ARSAT (mixed with private capitals)

Base on the data, we decided to get closer of the Argentina.gob.ar  look and feel, included the users quotes, added a blog and highlighted “transparencia activa” (a kind of declaration of transparency where you can find a lot of information about the company)

I´d like to know more about this project

Visit the site.