Nación Geek is a project to help geek collectors to maintain their collection in order. That was the first requirement.

So our first step was to design a couple of hypothesis and go out there to know the users.

We found in forums a lot of users willing to participate of our investigation. So, we interview like 150 people and got a lot of clear insights.

We found that 95% likes to be informed about the geek world. 96% participate in forums/comunity/Facebook groups. 71% already organize their collection. 100% is interested in buy and sell products.

So, we decided the info architecture based on a forum, the collection, news and forum. At that point we had covered a lot of users needs, but a key point was still mising. The fuel for that to run! We found that key in. gamification. We notice that our users liked to compete in between their collections and play as well, soy we use that to make the community start to be conected.

Thats a brief explanation of the core of our service.

We ran a lot of tools that helped us to be sure of our decitions. In fact, our users testing got great valuations of real users.

I´d like to know more about this project