Akapol is the main glue maker company of Argentina. We are developing Poxipol Store, a ecommerce by the name of the main holding´s brand.

I wanna tell you about a project that’s not done yet. But I found interesting tell you about this one because is based on an e-commerce. A kind of area very important in Argentina in this COVID´s days.

This is a project about starting a digital innovation. This is the first time for Akapol in online selling.

So, the project starts with the experience of MercadoLibre (a kind of argentinian Amazon). We share a lot of insights with the distributor and his experience on that marketplace.

Bottomline: We had an issue with the shipping (very expensive related with the products cost), Akapol is known about his brands, but not very much as holding and many people ask for “How can a stick this to that”

We arrived to a website (we are in development phase) where the brands are a main character; the shipping promos are a highlighted area and we are developing (first iteration) in a much bigger search box asking “what’s do you need to repair?”.

We know we are facing moments when the users are changing their needs and we are hopeful to be open and capitalize that knowing of our users.

We´ll be working at this project for at list one more year. We have a lot to know about our costumers and their online activity.

I´ll let you know when we go live.

I´d lik to know more about this project.