Why I love to shop in department stores?

During this uncertain times, we are facing the digital revolution in countrys like Argentina, where this is like a whole new world. I work, live and buy Argentina everyday.  And I´m seeing a lot of missed opportunities regarding the users needs.

Let me tell you what looks like a huge opportunity to me. There’s a lot of new online buyers. In fact: the online sales growth of april 2020 in Argentina was 82%. Come on!

Ok, we’re facing an ocean of users avid for solve infinite type of needs. I know a guy who buyed pizza online and a car. Same week.

What we are seeing from User Experience is there´s a lot of ways to improve those new experiences to take this COVID thing like an opportunity. Please, help the user make their life easier!

Try to think the users needs in the time of buying your products. Let their take simple and fast decisions and check out with you have to offer. 

That´s what I love from big department stores. There´s where I can go around the products as much as I want. Then, I can take my own size, pick a color or two. Maybe give back some of those. Then pay and go. Easy.

What am I seeing in Argentina today? 

– Please, text me your size. 

– I´m not sure, I think I´m M size.

– Great, I have this and those and that.

– Great, I would like the green one. 

– I´m sorry honey. I got it, but red only.

– Ok, I´ll take red.

– Awesome, can you give me your email? I need to send you a pay link.

– helpmebuy@please.com

– Ok, in 48 hours, when your pay is confirmed, I’ll send your tee.

Great success. We are building some kind of a buddhist bulletproof new users.
This is happening in WhatsApp Everyday

Not easy ways to buy, no crosseling, no easy ways to make a change, no post selling service, I mean…a lot of missed oportunities.

So, please. Build a nice users experience. Let them do the easy way to take your product. Encourage them to go back and make the world a better place. A place where the brands don’t sell their shit through WhatsApp.